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Tattoos, Piercings, and Other Body Modifications (Random Wednesday)

Good day all. It's Wednesday and I have another Random Wednesday post for you.Today's subject... body modifications. The art and tradition of body modifications goes back thousands of years, since the dawn of man. I'm not trying to get all philosophical or quote any facts here. I just want to share my own thoughts and… Continue reading Tattoos, Piercings, and Other Body Modifications (Random Wednesday)

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Character Interview With Miss Rhea Evers of the Prelude to Destiny Series

Hi everybody. Today, we’re going to be doing things a little differently. I had my husband find some interview questions and he's going to interview some characters from my book, Prelude to Destiny: Awakening. Today’s interview is with Rhea.   Keith: Good evening. My name is Keith. Thanks for joining us on our Character Interview… Continue reading Character Interview With Miss Rhea Evers of the Prelude to Destiny Series

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School’s Out For Summer (Random Wednesday)

On my way home from work last night I noticed there were lots of cars at the Middle School up the street from my house. I guess they were having an assembly or graduation... that's really not important though. What's important is my reaction. I was immediately overjoyed! Anyone who knows me knows why. I… Continue reading School’s Out For Summer (Random Wednesday)

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Awakening: New Trailer Available

You Tube Prelude to Destiny: Awakening, now available on Amazon. Click here to get your copy today. Rhea and Cynthia Evers are teenage sisters who have been shielded from the truth their entire lives. After their mother is killed in what appeared to be a robbery gone wrong , Rhea, the elder, discovers a chest… Continue reading Awakening: New Trailer Available

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Top Ten Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Dog (Random Wednesday)

I’ve had lots of pets over the years. I’ve owned dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, turtles, sea horses, hermit crabs, and rabbits. But out of all those adorable creatures, dogs are number 1 on my list. There was always something so endearing about dogs that made them a part of the family much more than… Continue reading Top Ten Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Dog (Random Wednesday)

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First Book Reviews Are In

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I am overwhelmed by the feedback I’ve received on my first novel Prelude to Destiny: Awakening. It’s hard to describe the feeling I get when I find out that someone truly enjoys what I’ve created. It makes me I actually finished writing Awakening in the Spring 2013. I had planned to publish… Continue reading First Book Reviews Are In