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Farewell to a Faithful Friend

This past Friday I had to do one of the most painful things of my whole life. Sadly, my sweet, faithful Abigail is no longer with us. She was with us for thirteen years, but that wasn't nearly long enough. Abby was the best dog I ever had, no offense to the many others, but… Continue reading Farewell to a Faithful Friend

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Top Ten Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Dog (Random Wednesday)

I’ve had lots of pets over the years. I’ve owned dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, turtles, sea horses, hermit crabs, and rabbits. But out of all those adorable creatures, dogs are number 1 on my list. There was always something so endearing about dogs that made them a part of the family much more than… Continue reading Top Ten Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Dog (Random Wednesday)