Anti-Social Networking

I want to share a true story with you. I finally finished editing my book trailer late Thursday night and I was excited to publish it to my YouTube channel. Seconds after the video went live, I sent my mom and sister the link asking them to watch it and give their thoughts.

My mom responded first: “It’s very nice. Makes me want to read it again.”  Typical mom response, right. I’m all smiles after that.

Then I got my sister’s response: “Oh really. Good job. Now you gotta get your social media up…cause I sure can’t help with that.”  Total slap in the face. Of course I already knew that, but for my sister, someone with no social network accounts, to say that really put things into perspective for me.

Anyone who knows me knows that my relationship with social media has been up and down. Like many people, I joined Facebook over ten years ago with the idea that I was going to connect with old friends and “meet”new people. It worked for a while, but honestly, I only used that account to play Farmville…don’t judge me.  After that phase was over for me, my interest in Facebook dwindled and I lost the drive to connect with others via social media.

With that said, I’ve made a promise to myself to stay consistent with my social media platforms and engage my friends, followers, and fans and stop being Anti-Social Media. I’m glad that I have a meaningful reason to connect again. It’s been amazing watching my following increase and meeting awesome new people; the Twitter community in particular has really been an inspiration to me. I’m truly grateful for all of my followers and am looking forward to making this experience the best it can be for me and my followers.

Don’t forget to check out my trailer and visit my author page.  April 2 is almost here. Pre-order your copy of Prelude to Destiny today.


Peace and Love to all.




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