#BraceFace (Random Wednesday)

Like many people, I waited until I was an adult to finally decide to get braces. I’ve always had a slight overbite/overjet, but it wasn’t something I couldn’t live with. My teeth never caused me any self-esteem issues (except on FaceTime, which made those bad-boys look huge!)  I didn’t have any issues with my teeth until a few month ago I noticed some shifting in my bottom teeth.

I lost a bottom molar in my early twenties because I was too cheap to get a root canal and crown. Boy, do I regret that now. So, I asked my dentist about the “invisible” braces that he offers. He takes a look at my teeth and starts to list everything wrong that he would like to see improved. Mind you, he’s been my dentist FOREVER. I’m like…”Seriously, Doc. Why haven’t you said anything before?” I don’t think I ever got an answer to that question, but he did say he’d rather I see an orthodontist and gave me a referral.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I finally see the orthodontist. He in turn looks at my teeth and my bite, the whole time relaying all these big words, jargon, and acronyms to an assistant. At this point I’m thinking this is going to cost me a bazillion dollars. (I never knew just how jacked up my teeth actually were.) A little small talk is exchanged. He’s a Carolina fan (Go Gamecocks!) And I’m scheduled for the next steps.

Then there was the longest two weeks ever where I probably looked at every video ever uploaded to YouTube about braces, and I just about psyched myself out. But, I decide to go through with it. I’ve had them for a month and half now. I haven’t experienced any excruciating pain, not even with the power chain that was put on during my first adjustment; a couple of days of pressure and tenderness was all I experienced. And that little overjet I mentioned before…let’s just say that my teeth don’t take over the screen anymore when I FaceTime, okay.

Now, there are some cons. Eating is a total pain. I’ve considered putting myself on a full liquids diet more than once. Then I have to brush my teeth about ten times a day. Okay, maybe it’s more like six or seven, but you get the point. And don’t even get me to talking about flossing…not going there.

Do I feel self-conscious about being an adult with braces? No. I would probably me more self-conscious if I’d let my teeth continue on with the square dance they started. I’m proud to show off my #braceface, because I know that when these fifteen months are over my smile is going to be the best that it can be, and that is all I’ve ever wanted for myself.

Thanks for tuning in to this Random Wednesday post and stay tuned for more of my randomness in the future. Don’t forget to check out my author page where you can pre-order my debut novel Prelude to Destiny. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel where you can see my new book trailer. I have some fun plans ahead that you won’t want to miss.


Peace and Love to All


3 thoughts on “#BraceFace (Random Wednesday)

  1. Good morning, Fah. Is it wrong that I haven’t noticed your braces at all? I must haven’t seen you since you got them. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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