Prelude to Destiny

Well, it’s March 11 and my book, Prelude to Destiny Book One: Awakening, has been available for pre-order  for three days. It’s been an exciting ride and I know it is far from over. I am looking forward to kicking this promotion into gear. I honestly believe it is like having two full-time jobs, except I just happen to like one of the jobs a little better than the other…don’t tell my boss I said that.

I have always been a fan of fantasy and sci-fi and could never get enough of it as a child. It was only natural that my creative side took over. Instead of just reading about exciting worlds and magical beings, I’m now writing about them. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to share my crazy imagination with you all.

Feel free to check out my author page and don’t forget to follow me for future updates.

You can also click here to view my first book trailer.

Peace and Love to all.


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