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The Ketogenic Decision (Random Wednesday)

Raise your hand if you told yourself you were going to eat healthier and exercise more in 2018.Many Hands raise high up

Now keep your hand up if you’ve kept it up. Great job! Even if you put your hand down, I feel like you should be commended. At least you tried.

Some of us start out with such lofty goals, right. We’re going to eat right and work out four times a week. When in reality we quickly realize that peanut butter and celery doesn’t taste nearly as good as a deluxe uno pizza and that you’d probably rather do just about anything that doesn’t include a treadmill or elliptical.

Me, I fall into both of those categories. When I leave work, I don’t feel like going to the gym. I am trying to get home before traffic gets to heavy or before my dogs pee on the floor. If there is time for a quick walk around the neighborhood later in the evening… I’m all for it.

Now, I do pretty good when it comes to eating healthy, balanced meals, but sometimes the carbs can catch up with you. If you are like me and are carb sensitive, this can be a real problem, especially for me because I love candy (give me a bag of gummy bears and we will be friends for life.)

So, I did some research and decided that a ketogenic lifestyle is most ideal for me. I just bit the bullet and gave up sugar, rice, pasta, and most fruits (and a bunch of other stuff.)

BonbonsRaw brown riceselection of pastas  Fruits

Was it hard? Not really. The first week was kind of awful but then the cravings disappeared. And it can be a little difficult to tell when you’re in ketosis in the beginning (but there are numerous options available for testing that.)

I feel so much better, I sleep better, I am more focused, and energized than I have ever been. And it goes without saying, the pounds just melt away. Long story short… I feel amazing.

Just a short amount of time (1 month) has made a significant improvement in my life. I feel like this is something I can keep up. Now all I need to do is make myself use that gym membership I pay for every month and I will be right on track.

Catching Health Word Showing A Healthy Condition


Happy Wednesday!

Peace and Love to All



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