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Faerie Moon (Book Review)

Faerie Moon by Matt Mark

I believe Faerie Moon is the debut novel by author Matt Mark. I couldn’t find much about him.

Faerie Moon has an interesting fantasy story line with modern times paralleling a fantasy universe. It has your classic portal concept, where you can only enter the fantasy realm at certain times… hence the Faerie Moon. I’ll give you my rating before I get into a little summary and review.

I give it four stars.shiny-star_G1rzWrdu_Lshiny-star_G1rzWrdu_Lshiny-star_G1rzWrdu_Lshiny-star_G1rzWrdu_L

I really liked this book, but at the very beginning, I groaned aloud. The author’s prose was very florid and didn’t feel believable. Luckily, it didn’t carry over into the the rest of the story. I’m all for a good prologue, but this book could have done without it.

The stories protagonists are Veronica Dye, an eighteen-year-old private detective who is brave,  kind, strong, and persistent, and Sebastian Avery, a displaced socialite who is trying to find his way back home.

There wasn’t much character building in this novel, but that is probably because the entire story takes place in a just a few hours. It goes at breakneck speed and takes you on a whirlwind adventure as Veronica races to save Sebastian and help him regain his rightful position in the modern world where he belongs.

There are a couple of things I didn’t like. There was a weird  interlude that started talking about Greek gods and demigods and the slaying of fell beasts. It did nothing for the story except stamp on the breaks. The story lost its momentum and the book would have been better without that distraction. That is time the author could have spent fleshing out the characters more. Same thing with the castle scenes when Veronica was looking for Sebastian. Of course Veronica couldn’t just walk through the front door of the castle and find Sebastian there waiting, but I thought the castle scenes were a little lacking.

All in all, an impressive start for this author (I’m guessing it’s a start… really not sure here.) I will be keeping an eye on this author for future publications. This book was written and edited well and the front cover art is pretty. Oh yeah, the cover art… how could I forget about that. It’s a beautiful cover but it really doesn’t depict what’s going on inside the book. There were maybe two scenes in the book where there were little winged faeries. But every author has his/her own style. I won’t lie, the cover did make me click on it while I was browsing through Goodreads. The author is onto something.

There you have it. Four stars for this fast-paced, portal fantasy, mysterious adventure.

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