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The Origami Man (Book Review)

The Origami Man by Benjamin Mumford-Zisk

What can I say about The Origami Man?

Well… I loved it. I’ll be honest and say it took a couple of sittings before I got into the book. It started out kind of strange and I kept trying to compare it to other Sci-Fi novels I’ve read before, but it’s not quite like any others.


I give it four stars.  shiny-star_G1rzWrdu_Lshiny-star_G1rzWrdu_Lshiny-star_G1rzWrdu_Lshiny-star_G1rzWrdu_L


The only reason it does not get five stars from me… well frankly it’s kind of weird at moments. That isn’t a bad thing, but I think some of the humor just went over my head. Still a great novel. The oddness just worked.

I loved Greg Samson, the main protagonist. He’s witty, charming, and he made this universe come to life for me.

I definitely recommend The Origami Man if you like Sci-Fi. If you don’t like Sci-Fi, consider reading it anyway. I think you just might enjoy it.

Check out The Origami Man and other works by Benjamin Mumford-Zisk on Amazon and his website



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